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New Home Expectations 2022

As life begins to return to normal post-pandemic, many design trends that became synonymous with staying at home are here to stay.  Now, most employers are offering combinations of working from home, flexible days in the office, and remote hybrid models. The need to maximize space has never been more necessary creating a focus on designing multi-functional spaces both indoors and out that can accommodate a variety of interests, hobbies, crafts, family, and friends. Architects and builders are creatively and purposefully designing with the intention to optimize health and wellness, enhance security and create a sense of connection with family, friends, and community. 

Gourmet, Open Concept Kitchens

With the hub of most homes centralized in the kitchen area, designs that feature top-of-the-line appliances with hidden built-in options and wide-open expanses into multi-functional rooms are a must. Optimizing space, keeping clutter at bay, and having easy access to storage are equally important.  From entertaining to binge-watching or simply relaxing, today’s homeowners are seeking the capabilities to create and enjoy a variety of different experiences within their space. 

Smart Home Technology

As smart home technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, homes must be designed to be compatible with the most current products and upgrades. Having the ability to stay connected to family and work is essential in today’s modern home. From cleaning robots to the latest in-home health and fitness monitors and equipment, client expectations are high and they should be. As new technologies are developed, being able to seamlessly integrate them into the home is essential. 

Enhanced Safety Features

Smart cameras, keyless entries, alarm systems to monitor both the interior and exterior areas of the home, smartphone integrated apps, and gated access are the expectation in home design. With the rise of inclement weather events, it has become increasingly important to have the ability to monitor air and water quality, as well as have a whole-home generator for a constant power supply. Enhanced safety features incorporated directly into the design of new home construction are an economical option with long-term health and safety benefits. 

Spa retreat areas

The reduced access over the past few years to travel has increased the desire to have vacation-like features designed into new homes. Homeowners are seeking customizable areas that provide a spa-like feel with large soaking tubs, upgraded shower systems, and conveniences such as utility rooms located off the owner's suite closet. Luxurious owner suites with sitting rooms are also in demand. With more people spending time at home,  having designated and distinct areas throughout the home to allow for rest,  relaxation and retreat are now more important than ever. 

Fresh air 

The need to nurture both physical and emotional well-being is strong. Homeowners desire fresh air and abundant opportunities for merging outdoor spaces seamlessly with the design elements of the indoors.  Sliding glass doors that open directly to sprawling, covered patios with plenty of room to entertain, outdoor kitchens with fireplaces, water features, and sitting areas are a must.  

Living well every day

Staying actively engaged with a vast array of amenities like state-of-the-art fitness centers, communal outdoor areas, walking trails, and resort-style pools is essential. People are looking for communities designed around socializing with friends, family, and neighbors. Having access to community events like food truck parks, pet socials, movies on the lawn,  live music, festivals, farmers markets, and craft shows have become an expectation. Living well and enjoying life with family and friends has never been a higher priority.

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