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Extreme Weatherproofing Features Offered in Serenity at Meridiana

As the frequency of inclement weather in the US continues to rise, homeowners are proactively looking for smart and efficient solutions to protect their health, safety, and personal property. Serenity Communities by Gracemark Homes are designed and built to meet the needs of 55+ active adults, with a focus on unapparelled design and low-maintenance living. For new home buyers, being educated and prepared has never been more important.

At Serenity at Meridiana, we welcome the opportunity to share all the latest innovations available to new homeowners working directly with them throughout the building process, providing peace of mind when building their forever homes. With years of construction leadership and new home building experience, Gracemark Homes strives to exceed the highest standards with each home we build.

Do your research and know what's behind the drywall; don’t just focus on the design elements. Not all homes are built equal. Features and technology designed to protect homeowners and their property are continually changing and have been incorporated into the engineering standards of all Gracemark Homes. 

Quality Construction Weatherproofing Standard Features

Low-E3 Vinyl Frame Windows
  • Double pane window with 3 layers of UV film on the inside of the outer glass. 
  • Reduces UV heat transmission in summer and retains more interior heat in cooler weather.
  • Vinyl frames provide a thermal break preventing cold from being transmitted.
PEX Piping
  • Resilient to freezing conditions; designed to expand when freezing and 'snap back' into shape at thawing stage. 
  • Fewer connections significantly reduce the risk of leaks.  
Main Water Line
  • Run through the concrete to a shutoff valve in the garage. 
  • Eliminates exposed piping at the point where water enters the home.
  • Easy access for shutting off water to the whole house.
Water Heaters
  • Installed in every garage, greatly reducing, if not eliminating the threat of flooding your home and providing easy access for all maintenance and weather situations.
HVAC systems
  • 80% efficient for batt/blown insulation and 96% efficient for foam insulated homes. The higher efficiency of the foam is due to the fact that the system is in an enclosed environment.

Quality Construction Weatherproofing Optional Features

PEX Panel
  • In combination with the Pex piping, this option gives the homeowner the ability to shut off exact water locations and drain each individual hose bib reducing the chance of freezing.
Foam Insulation
  • Maintains a consistent temperature throughout the entire house and attic.
  • Eliminates vents blowing cold air during winter and hot air during summer.
  • Encases all receptacle boxes on exterior walls eliminating an intrusion of outside air.
  • Fills all nooks and crannies maximizing energy efficiency throughout the home.
  • Water lines embedded in foam or under the protection of acclimated attic pace reduce the chance of pipes freezing.
Frost-Free Hose Bibs
  • Made to withstand freezing temperatures by moving the seal deeper inside the home where they are better insulated.
Whole-Home Generator
  • Supplies the entire home with power during an interruption to the power grid reducing the likelihood of freezing pipes and allowing the use of vital systems including HVAC, security, refrigerators, medical devices, lights, and entertainment equipment.