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62+ Dream Home Program

Are you looking to buy a new home and wondering how you are going to finance it at this stage in your life? If you or your spouse are 62 years of age or better and buying your next home as your primary residence, FHA has an amazing purchase program for you called the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM).

This reverse mortgage program was created specifically for those aged 62 and up to assist in buying a new home. As homeowners are being introduced to HECM, many of them are choosing it rather than paying all cash or committing to a home loan payment during their retirement.

For example, you could purchase a $300,000 home with an approximately $150,000 down payment and never make a mortgage payment on the financed balance!*

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Buyers provide a down payment to cover a certain percentage of the home purchase price based on specific criteria. This will cover the difference in the HECM proceeds and the selling price of the home plus closing costs. In this reverse mortgage, the payment comes from the equity of the sale of the buyer’s previous home.


  • No monthly mortgage payments as long as you live in your new home
  • Increase your purchase power to be able to buy your dream home
  • Preserve your hard-earned cash to maintain a comfortable retirement
  • With no home loan, your home will not be a burden to your estate

With no home loan and no monthly mortgage payments, your life opens up to travel, hobbies, and spoiling your grandchildren. Secure your standard of living with a reverse mortgage while getting everything you wanted in your dream home. Why wait? Start living in your dream home today.

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